Words and Voices: What Words Mean To Me

Words and Voices: What Words Mean To Me

What Words Mean To Me

by Ishan Khalsa

Some words, battered and bruised are chipped promises sticking to my shoulders. While others look beautiful even amidst my lies. Some are such that burn every part of me from within, while others are like fireflies in a quiet night.

Seldom do we realise the power that words possess. Gathering bit by bit the chords of our hearts they sing our dreams like the spring. Or how they give love its beauty. And connect total strangers, making us feel how we’re not alone.

And yet sometimes the very words which sooth our hearts turn into empty apologies we taste on our tongues, or how they tie us down to another story, one that isn’t even ours to begin with.

But in a world where we are ready to hurt so we can heal.
Words are something which make disappointment less disappointing.

Words may not be the antidote but they help.
If words can make someone remember their pumping heart veins from under a cloud of dust, if words can tap dance and make movements in a place gathering empty, if words can heal hearts, if words can spread like a calm and breath back life into a shattered soul,  If words can really do that, than do I still need to convince you that they’re but what my soul breathes.
And that is what words mean to me.

About Ishan Khalsa

Just another nobody amongst the millions with dreams higher than the sky, and hopes deeper than the ocean.

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