Words and Voices: Loud Mouths, Empty Hearts

Words and Voices: Loud Mouths, Empty Hearts

Loud Mouths, Empty Hearts

by Shreya Patwa

Loud mouths, empty hearts.

Discarded like a doormat,
I was the shoulder that you cried on,
the ears that listened as you badmouthed people,
the harbour where you anchored your lies.

Your honeyed words reek of foul thoughts.
Cleverly hiding horns beneath your curls, your smile concealing the backstabbing sword.
Trading secrets, you turn people into puppets.
Humiliating some, you gather an audience.
You dig up old aches, use past mistakes, rub in salt and then play the part of a band-aid.
And when nothing works, you resort to the role of “The damsel in distress.”

As you see me falling out of your spell, you try to weave tales behind my back, labelling me as the traitor.
But honey, I would wait,
To see the double edged sword, cut through your disguise, I would be long gone when people knock down your hollow heart and see through your lies.
My lover will read about you, as a series of bad experiences in the letters.
For someone rightly said,
“If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”

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