Words and Voices : Ruthless Fornication

Words and Voices : Ruthless Fornication

Ruthless Fornication
by Sumit Goreja

And I here sit again
vacillate on what you learned from life,
is it to leer at every girl you pass by
or you found an irony in a pledge
that every girl is your sister
if at all you went to school?
What thought tumbled into
your head to call yourself a man,
is it the inches in your pants
or hair peeping out of chest?
How hard is it for your conscience
to meet the meaning of moral?
were you born up-side down
or weren’t you breast-fed?
The sadistic pleasure you derive
from a ruthless fornication,
is it really worth?
Rape your mother and sister
to see if it’s worth a sin,
then your sense of right and wrong
might arise from your senseless head.
Number of rapes creeping up day-by-day
is it really their fault or ours?
Well, it certainly is of government,
for our government is nothing
but a disloyal prostitute
who first makes and then breaks its own rules.
So shall we count on such illiterate hypocrites
or take action ourselves?
Let’s not march another stupid candle parade
or carry useless placards,
it’s time to do something new.
Drop the pathetic charade
of being a good citizen
and dismantle the rules;
let’s break into the prison
where rapist lay comfortably
and drag him to cemetery
to bury him alive
or burn him to aches
or to amputate his legs and arms
and leave him merely by torso
or what you may feel right.
But first, let’s fuck our hopeless constitution
and create a history and an example to be ever known
before another rapist is born.

 About Sumit Goreja:

I believe I’m creative yet boring because there is no subject in the face of earth that attracts me more than writing. I let my pen speak more than my mouth, so much so that I unknowingly ended up penning a book called “The Essence of Rue”.

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