Words and Voices: Ode to a Stranger

Words and Voices: Ode to a Stranger

Ode To a Stranger

by Abha Mehra

You haven’t arrived yet,
Or just passed by without affecting my being.
I am unknown to you, you’re the unfamiliar soul to me.
I am a stranger to you, you to me.
Your sagas are unheard of, I haven’t unfolded my sheet of stories.
It scares you, it scares me.
Destiny doesn’t make sense to you, in the same light it baffles me.

Alas, dear stranger, you are in for an adventure;
An adventure full of stories and possibilities,
Of change and stagnancy,
Of growth and downfall.

Oh dear stranger, those judgments you fear are impotent now. ‘Cause I come with no assumptions,
I hold no preconceived notions.

For me, you are the painting you paint,
The sculpture you sculpt,
The dream you make me wish for
The lie you tell as a truth.
For me, you are what you at this moment;

Your sins of past and plans for the future, are buried under the moist land of unfamiliarity.

Oh dear stranger,
You can be you.
Oh dear stranger,
You can, just for a moment, let loose.