Words And Voices: Wounded

Words And Voices: Wounded

” I’m Wounded “

I shouted in pain

Crying for help

Wandering and shouting

And being insane.

I first asked women

To jump and die

In the flames

Where their husbands are cremated

I called it the ritual called ‘Sati’

For years I murdered innocent girls

When they were born

Saying they were unlucky

I was unaware that she was the one

Who saved me from people

Who opposed and despised me

She knew I was a killer,

Yet she stayed by my side.

I then judged her,

Just because they were working out late

Earning for their families

Now how funny is that

I  was okay if someone from my family worked

I gossipped, spread rumors, talked ill

When I saw someone else do the same job

I chained women to home

Saying women are made only for the household work

And not exploring their interests in the fields they want to

I told women that thy interest shouldn’t be out of the four-walled place called home

They obeyed,

I also gave them a dirty stare,

Whenever they wore short dresses,

I opposed them for wearing them,

Just because I thought it was wrong,

I knew it’s one’s choice of what to wear and what not to

I continued Harassing, molesting

and doing everything I can

to humiliate a woman in public

There was no end to what I did.

Though in presence of freedom of speech

I jailed innocent people

Who just expressed their anger or opinions to others

I jailed them! In the name of Patriotism.

I bet that was funny.

I judged two friends sitting in a park

Assumed them of being together

Spread rumours and insulted them

They never confronted

I continued and enjoyed it

I shouted around messages of equality

And at The same moment

I’ve made fun of the LGBT community

For being different from others

I knew it was natural

I knew they were all humans

As we all are

Yet I continued

I did alot of injustice to men and women

Yet they never questioned

my heart wrenching claims.

I am so stupid

I claimed that rapes happened

Because of the way the women dressed

I banned jeans

I banned boys from wearing shorts in public

I’ve done so many wrongs

And hardly some rights

Yet I’m always forgiven

For all the rumors and cries

I’ve finally broke

Shattered in pieces

Confused about

If my god was allah, mahavira or Jesus

I was confused about

my religion, Race, caste and creed,

My name is ‘Society’

And I Now lay in a corner

Calling out to the youth

I seek for thy help

I seek ‘coz I’m ” Wounded.”

  • Aditya Bafna Aka The Geeky Pen