Words And Voices: Hostel, Staying Alone And Everything More

Words And Voices: Hostel, Staying Alone And Everything More

Hello, my name is sreenidhi and I am part of the creative janta… It is not a cool youth start-up company. It is just a fancy word for me doing architecture.

I would like to warn all of you that this is my first open mic. I am a horrible stand up wannabe.

There a lot of things about me:

  1. I am a south Indian, which means I am supposed to be smart by birth.
  2. Because I am smart, I have learnt Hindi and Gujarati (not necessarily that I am good at it but at least I made the effort)
  3. I, unfortunately, stay in an all girl’s private hostel.

So how many of you guys stay in a hostel?

I’ll tell you what are the criteria for you saying that you stay in a hostel.

Your hostel curfew should be as early as possible. The earlier the more appealing the hostel is your family. My hostel curfew is at 8:00 p.m, my college gets over at 6:00 p.m and I reach the hostel from my college which is Nirma university at 7:00 p.m. so there is not really any scope for me going out. But I do go out because I’m creative Janta right, so I find ways of playing with my hostel owner’s mind. Also, the hostel has the other issue of food, the food is quite nice.. its all fusion food.

And the kitchen is very experiment.. I’ll tell you how.. they make everything but like dal.

Its a talent beyond understanding really. They make even Manchurian and noodles and all but like dal.

So yeah, the other thing about the hostel is the name… More the bhagwan related name more appealing to parents. My hostel’s name is Radhe krishna…which has like two gods name which means it is on top of the list for hostels recommendations.

But for us, we like names like the youth hostel, YWCA hostel, backpacker’s hostel… These are names which have youth appeal. So yeah that’s it from me… Thank you.

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