Words And Voices: Failure Over Success

Words And Voices: Failure Over Success

Success, why is it so crucial and necessary, as in my perspective. I guess it’s just a delicate accessory.

Why is every soul on this blue canvas so damn obsessed with brutal and never ending trail of success, while the prophecy of each soul holds plenty that can be accessed without following the trail of success. As the mere idea of success, poisons and thrashes the innocence out, without giving life a chance to exhibit the resistance.

Success, I guess is just a vague phenomenon that acts as a scale with no markings, which measures and questions the existence of people either on the basis of never freezing hands of time or on the doltish concept of blings and shines.
Why is success considered so immensely crucial… For all I know is, what it generates is a monumental deal of hustle, which at one point or another puts us all in a great state of the nerve-wracking puzzle.

I guess it’s the “failures” in our lives that should receive the utmost importance from the vacuous yet considered the most superior, human race, as all I know is that “failure” creates the pace, that enables one to climb the most diminished as well as the head turning and monumental steps on the ladder to success.

Why not treat failure as a good old friend… As all it does is, to provide you a helping hand, to open our shut yet success seeking eyes to witness yet another breathtaking sun rise, composed fully of opportunities with no accessories and vanities.
Why not treat “failure” as a good old friend, for all it does is to provide us a helping hand.