Words And Voices: An Optimistic Rant

Words And Voices: An Optimistic Rant

Dear love,
No. No. Don’t worry.
It is  absolutely not a complaint letter, where I’d tell you that it hurt when you left or things between us didn’t work well. I’m thankful that you came, because sometimes when one doesn’t experience love he keeps bickering about that. Well, there could have been a right time to come. You could have come when I was in canteen and joined me over tea maybe or we could have bumped into each other in college corridors. But well this filmy shit with background music never works. I don’t mind because you’ve come to me in all ways possible and us together have always done weird things.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet you a couple of times but in much different versions of you.

You’ve come to me when I was in my mid teens and didn’t even know that love doesn’t exist like it does in movies. You’ve come to me in my late teens when moving on was hard and that’s when I understood little things matter. But between getting over fantasies and understanding the importance of little things, you faded, you just left; leaving me to understand what happened. And you know what happened then? I kept recalling all the memories, joined the traces and tried to figure out things. But that is really not important because the truth be said you never get back what you give and that is when I realised you’ve always come just to stay there but never love back.

You’ve broken my heart and put it back together,
You’ve made me cry and also smile endlessly,
You’ve broken friendships and brought some new,
You’ve made me feel over a hundred emotions all at a time.

Though I’ve managed to forget you at times you never gave up on me. Be it by visiting me back and forth or showing up in my thoughts. Thank you for coming, staying and leaving at the right time and never disregarding me. You’ve been a lesson and the greatest experience I could ever have.

And one thing I’ve learned is that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Always loving you back,

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