Witness. SPEAK. Change.

Witness. SPEAK. Change.

Speech is one thing that makes us human

It helps us convey and tackle any situation

Persuasions, elocutions and confessions

Are all part of its  ammunition.

Limiting its usage is a sinful action

As it’s a vital impetus towards a positive revolution

The freedom of Speech upholds this motion

And ensures to witness every citizen’s notion

Its importance spans a vast and diverse society

Where people are a billion and opinions infinity

Being free to speak tags along with it

The obligation to listen and heed.

And this is how the freedom of speech

Brings about change activists preach.

Now to those who stifle this verity

Nearly all ideas are capable of offence

For instance the case famous in history

Of Galileo’s and Darwin’s credence.

Censorship is rampant nowadays

Art, news and even journalists have fallen prey.

It achieves little that is positive

As it strangles thought that’s innovative.

The press seems to be the major casualty

Even though lucid governance is all it guarantees.

Conditions are bleak and deteriorating

Padmavati, sedition cases and online filters are just the beginning.

Globally, Charlie Hebdo and Sina Wiebo

Stand evidence to this ebbing scenario.

It’s sad, seeing places on continents

Deem treason for anti-government sentiments.

The solution to such restrain

Lies within the citizen.

As the best way to preserve free speech

Is by practising what we preach.

Selfish sentiments must be forsaken

For transparent and righteous redemption

Let the cartoonist sketch out the truth

And detain those provoked to arrest or shoot.

The few with unbarred access to speech

Must fight to fix this inhuman glitch.

They should give voice to the rising toll of the silent

And together be torch bearers to this assignment.

Freedom of speech is our birth right

So it’s our duty to keep it safe and make it rife.