That night was dark,
The trees shone bright black under the starless sky,
And he walked into the Wilderness, the Moon towering over him.

Something rustled past, quickly
The grasses moved with the sudden Wind, threateningly,
And he ducked, instinctively.

Feeling a strong force pulling him above, he gasped for breath.
It pulled again, this time from underneath.
He knew it was tonight, his Death.

He remembered her for the very last time,
Craving her love and knowing that it wasn’t possible he seeked her, “I’m
Waiting in this Wilderness for you, my heim!”

All of a sudden it stopped, the force.
But he knew it’d come back, more fierce
And stronger it’ll get, feeding on his remorse.

His feet walked him further North
And the Wilderness slowly morphed
While he remembered the December 4th.

It was a darker night, shadowed by The Hades Hill.
He walked into her home, her name was Mary O’Neill.
He clenched the six-shooter tight, determined to kill.

Her eyes gleamed at the sight of him,
He stuffed it in as she brought him Wine filled to the brim,
He asked, “Would you dance with me, my heim?”

Unsuspecting, she loyally joined.
His psychopathic emotions boiled.
As his cold-blooded hands shot her dead, for the first time, he wasn’t rejoiced.

He dropped the revolver and stripped naked,
He kept running but the landscape faded.
Finding himself in the Wilderness again, he intoxicated.

Everything came back, each crime he’d committed.
His mother’s murder, his father being beheaded.
For the carnage at his aunt’s, himself he credited.

He felt guilt-ridden and contrite
The force coalesced, hiding the moonlight
He felt death. It was neither dark nor bright,

It was neither sorrow nor happiness.
But it was there in the Wilderness,
Just a force that coalesced.

He felt what leaving one’s body felt like.
He felt what helplessness to herald ‘How beautiful Death is!’ felt like.
He felt what feeling nothing felt like.

And the night was still dark,
The trees were still shining bright black under the starless sky,
And he walked out of the Wilderness, the Moon towering over him once again.