We Need To TALK!

We Need To TALK!

Come on you know, it’s time now.
Time to talk because trust me everyone, each one of you here, We need to talk.

Why do you think what you think is the definition of truth?
Why do you think what you face is the definition of reality?
Why do you think what you encounter are the only definite experiences?

What is it that satisfies your sustainability over our emotional havoc?
What is it that gives you an immense pleasure in belittling our area of tranquillity?
What is it that acts so powerful inside you that proves everything else wrong and speedy?

No, tell me, if you call yourself to be the one practicing rationality, what makes you correct and acceptable?

You voice your opinions, you utter the fact, you demand recognition, you desire a reach, you cry for an identity, you grab the attention, you fight for your thoughts, and you raise a judgement and what not because you cannot let yourself down.

Contradictorily, we voice our intuitions, we utter the reflection of reality, we demand introspection, we desire a platform, we cry to be voiced, we grab the support, we fight for understanding, and we raise various perceptions and what not, because we cannot let generosity down.

Don’t take me wrong, I don’t mean to..Or maybe go ahead, misunderstand my words and declare it to the world how I am not a liar! You perceive rationalism, logic, and knowledge in a nutshell because you don’t want to broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of each other.

All you want is to show to the stock of the human race how you are the one who is the best version of not only oneself but everyone else, how you have lived a greater life by living a little more into others, how you instead of shaking hands and sharing a good meal have showered the world with a good deal of your one sided notions, theories, and narrow speculations.

So listen.

Please don’t talk about depression with all your science – don’t teach us, we need a friend.
Please don’t step into our shoes if you are not willing to look at the world from our eyes – don’t force us to change, we’ll learn to adapt.

If you want to do something for us;
Be kind and polite,
It’ll aid us better.

I’ve spoken a lot, it’s time for you to react now!