Mid-Week M.E.L.A: Dasvidaniya, The Best Goodbye Ever

Mid-Week M.E.L.A: Dasvidaniya, The Best Goodbye Ever

Mid-Week Mela: Dasvidaniya, The Best Goodbye Ever has been edited by Ruhaan Shah.

What if you find out that you are going to die after three months? How would you react? Will you finally start checking those boxes off your bucket list? Your first reaction would probably be coming to terms with the unexpected nature of life. Something very similar happened with Amar Kaul (played by Vinay Pathak), the protagonist of the movie, DasvidaniyaAmar then decides to make a bucket list and give himself a befitting farewell. Looking at the theme of the movie, one might recall Anand, starring Rajesh Khanna, where the protagonist lives his life to the fullest once he finds out about his impending death.

Coming back to Dasvidaniya, Amar Kaul is an account manager who leads a rather dull and boring life. One day he goes for a routine check up due to a stomach ache, only to find out that he is suffering from cancer. The doctor tells him that he has three months left.

That moment hits him hard. It forces him to think about the kind of life he was living. It dawns on him that this is his moment and he has to live for himself. His bucket list helps him reconnect with his life. It motivates Amar every morning. The list includes having his photograph on the front page of a newspaper, to find love, to travel, to buy a car, to learn how to play guitar, to name a few.

Director Shashant Shah made sure that the movie has a fair share of emotional as well as humorous moments. The movie resonates with the life of a common man. Amar Kaul’s list has at least one thing on it that every aam aadmi wishes to have.

The scene where he stands up against his bullying boss is particularly funny. I loved the moment when Amar Kaul finally musters up the courage to confess his love, which he never thought he would. He checks off his wish to travel abroad to see his best friend and spending time with him. Amar’s breakdown while on the trip and the monologue after it will make you feel a little emotional.

However, in my opinion, the best part of the movie was the gifts Amar leaves for everyone. He left a little something for everyone, in accordance with their needs. Kaul leaves his car for his music teacher Savio and his apartment for the car saleswoman. He leaves his guitar for his boss so that he can learn music.  He does not leave anything for his mother and brother. They are left with each other as family.

Dasvidaniya sends a very important message—do we live our life to the fullest? I do not think that we care about our life till the inevitability of death finally hits us. Vinay Pathak’s portrayal of a common man is heartwarming. The movie has moments which leave you teary eyed.

The supporting cast, that includes the likes of Rajat Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Neha Dhupia, delivers a phenomenal performance. The movie has just the right amount of songs. The song Mumma by Kailash Kher is aptly placed and strikes a chord with everyone who listens to it.

If you wish to watch a pleasant movie this weekend, that leaves you thinking, Dasvidaniya is the one.

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