What is it Like Being You?

What is it Like Being You?

What is it Like Being has been edited by Rushi Bhimani.

What is it like being you? What is it like to feel your soul for once, by forgetting all the problems that you have in your life? We feel that we have entered into a world where dreams come true and God might even exist. We feel like we are at the doorstep of a superficial planet. Makes us wonder, does such a world even exist?

Yes, in this mediocre world, there are certain people who do not fit into categories. But have we ever wondered why they are different? They look like us, live like us and act like us but there is still one aspect that sets them apart from us. They are happy and they are satisfied.

Have we ever wondered why we always tend to stay dissatisfied? How did we end up in the category of “the ordinary”? Why do we regret the decisions that we had once taken in our lives? We fail to understand who we are in the quest of achieving everything in our life. We fail to attain the art of introspection. We fail to realize what we are capable of doing. And why do we fail? The only I answer that can furnish is because we, just like the others have started running a race. A race where, the finish line is our death. A race where, the society sets the rules. We keep on chasing luxury, accessories, status and other worldly pleasures. In addition to that, in the pursuit to gain everything possible and to satisfy our greed we sacrifice the things which we love in the name of social responsibilities.

We tend to misinterpret the thin line between social responsibilities and altruism. A person who is self satisfied does not feel the need to fit into a society where before one even learns how to breathe, one is imposed with social responsibilities. They don’t feel the need to be altruistic because the meaning of this word in their dictionary is very different. This is what sets them apart. In this world, they are misfits and people like us are the society. However, in an ideal world, they are the society. A society where the only asset is a person’s true endowment. We need to accept them in order to accept ourselves because somewhere in our lives, we always imagined what it would be like to become an ideal being.

To be mediocre is not a crime, but to suffocate your identity is.  I, as an individual, did it at some point of time, because I was not able to gather the strength. However, today no one cares about what price you paid to lose yourself. We suffocate ourselves. Where is the society now?

We have barricaded ourselves in this glass case.  It is a mere illusion. The illusion called perfection which is only defined by specific norms pre-decided by our society. However, the definition of an ideal person is someone who does not fit into any categories and lives according to his own will. We the humans, refrain from exposing our real selves to the society somehow.

Coming back to the question at hand—what is it like being you? To be like you is being a preeminent person in the thing that you love to do. You do not fit into the predefined categories set by the society. You are an individual. Someone who is the master of his own thoughts and holds himself responsible for the things happening around him. To be like you is to be an artist in your own essence. To paint this world bright, we do not need to fit into categories, but we need to be different. Diversity in itself is a beautiful thing to witness.

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Vyom Desai
Vyom Desai

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