Second Step Towards Interpretation

Second Step Towards Interpretation

Second Step Towards Interception has been edited by Rushi Bhimani.

After trying to find a way to lead my life, I tried to sort a couple of the aspects of the functioning of my life and the society.  I realized, I tend to get affected by the scars etched by my past. Those scars possessed all the strength and the power to destroy the traces of my existence. It had the power to destroy my ego. It is that part of me which forms a compound with my alter ego. One thing I realized about my alter ego was it is not telepathic. That made me scream; a kind of scream that makes no noise. Nevertheless, fighting with them made me happy because it gave me extra strength to fight with the unwanted entities of the society.

Moreover, that strength made me accept certain things, which I think I will never be able to do. Today, I sit with my alter ego and we talk, we fight, not to win but to learn. We talk about how vicious the world is, how the society and an individual functions. These discussions gave me a nudge towards the second step of interpretation.

Before taking the second step, I was asked what is your relation with the prime movers?  What is the definition of prime movers in your perspective? How do they work? To which my conscious mind answered, the prime mover is the motor that regulates the working of the whole idea. It comes with the predefined pattern, just like the schedule of lectures. We follow that pattern without asking any questions. Despite all this, I always had a set of questions that bug me every now and then.  What exactly this motor is? Who invented it? Why everybody has to work according to the predefined curriculum? Why I cannot work in my own way?

My alter ego said, that if you work in your own way, the world is going to criticize you in a negative manner. They will judge you because you questioned their rules. They will consider you as a rebel. I again asked who are they to judge me? Why has the world to be vicious when one loves to  do work according to his wish? Why are we bound to unnecessary responsibilities? I was told to find these answers on my own because that will be one more step towards the foundation of being an individual.

In the journey of finding out the set of answers, I realized the importance of what it feels being like you. I realized that our society is the prime mover; the motor that decides the working of men.  Here, men are made machines and their soul work as their fuel. Moreover, our fuel  is an entity, which makes us the second-hander. How does it make us the second-handers? It is because we start accepting that the prime movers are the suppliers of the fuel. They make us believe that our life will end as soon as they stop supplying us the fuel. In my perception, this is how the world works. It is always the relationship between the man and his soul.

The whole concept seemed to be very sickly sweet to me. It made me realize that in order to work in my own way, I have to fight with my people. It made me realize, that to be an individualist is to be a creator. Moreover, every deed performed by me as an individual has to undergo vicious sufferings. However, the only aspect that made pursue was my ego. My ego provided me with the confidence to stand against the motor that is inevitably injustice to me.

Today, when I look at myself, I do admit the existence of my  ego for my work, thoughts, and principles. For me, ego is my prime mover. I can proudly say yes, I live; I live to love my work and I work to be in love with my existence. Even in my journey, my soul fuels me up. The only difference it makes is, it never ends; it enables me to take hold of my life. I am an individualist because I cannot work on collective thoughts. This makes me smile when I go to sleep. I do not have to live up to the expectation, which the society wants from me. I live for my work and set my own benchmarks. My passion and efforts are aligned in the direction that define me.

To live by my principles, was not an easy decision for me.  Had I not struggled? Well, the only answer to my decision was my principle of giving justice to my soul. I faced questions of going too much into my work. One need to learn to accept and not be an egotist, this is what I was told. I faced many statements that question my way of functioning.  The road to it was never easy but I enjoyed the fact, that I survived. Today I am still fighting with the prime mover in order to survive. I do not want to fight to win but to make them realize how a creator can see the human spirit.

There will come a time when there will be just you, the sun, the sky and the image of yours. This second step was one benchmark that leads the foundation of being an ideal.

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Vyom Desai
Vyom Desai

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