Daydreaming and The Parallel World

Daydreaming and The Parallel World


Daydreaming and The Parallel World has been edited by Nidhi Shah.

I live in a parallel world of my dreams. It is a perfect place where everything happens according to my wish. It is my escape from the flawed reality I live in. And the best part about it? I can go there whenever I feel like it.

I am talking about the world of imagination. The realm that made us dream of studying at Hogwarts sitting next to Harry Potter. The place where superheroes are real and you can go on a date with any celebrity you wish. The experience of being a cricketer and a gangster at the same time. You might be thinking that daydreaming is just for children. However, I feel that no matter how old we are, at some stage of our lives, we wish to run away from the real world. We want to pause for a while and take a break from our responsibilities. Or we are just too tired and need time for ourselves.

Daydreaming is the easiest escape route from any of our problems. It is a place where solitude and peace are complimentary.

There are a thousand things that I can of think of in my own parallel world. For instance, once I imagined my pen as a truck which smuggles drugs to another country, the other country being a cubicle next to me. But the science officer sitting beside me doesn’t approve of this. And hence, I take it as a challenge to transmit the chemical stored in the tube of my pen. In this criminal imagination of mine, the stapler becomes a cop that watches over the pen to ensure safety. But before you blame this not so little kid for an over-imaginative mind, let me tell you a secret: slipping in this parallel world prevented an inevitable nap.

Sometimes, I am a superhero who is here to save the world from demons and rule over it. While working in my lab, I think of myself as a worker at a facility involved in making nuclear weapons. When I read physics, I go into a world where I am the one who proves the Law of Conservation of Energy wrong. I do it by finding the never-ending source of energy to run the motor of the world.

Okay, I think I have blabbered too much.

But the point is the idea of a fictional world. A world which is different for every person. A parallel world which is as magical as you can imagine it to be.

It helps you introspect, see yourself through it. Somehow, it is able to answer a lot of the questions you ask yourself. It never disappoints. On the contrary, it provides the necessary hope and energy to fight your problems. This world appreciates and accepts you for who you are. We are the winners in our own world here.

The thoughts of an ideal man in my world far from reality made me a writer. And it is one of the best things that has happened to me in all these years. My mentor once told me, it is good to follow objectives in your parallel world, as they are the ideal representations of your own self. You are naked in that world and so are all the other humans. And if you succeed there, apply them in reality and see what change it brings. The best example of this is any great invention in the history of mankind. From the discovery of the Law of Gravitation to the best essay of Ayn Rand, it all started with a parallel world.

At any moment, if you feel that it is the lowest point of your career, relationship, work or life then take a pause. Go to the world of your dreams and see yourself. Once you do that, resume reality from the same point.

Daydreaming will make all the difference in your life and change your perception. And if that happens to you, do tell me your story.

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