A Million Shades of Life

A Million Shades of Life

A million Shades Of Life has been edited by Rushi Bhimani.

Have we ever thought about our thinking pattern? What forms our pattern of living? What is the shade of the shadow cast by our decisions? Is it black or white or a confused shade of grey? We, human beings are always imperfect in one way or another and that is the reason why our life does not fall in a perfectly formed pattern of black or white.

Our life is swaying between the binaries of wrong and right, moral and immoral. A portion lost between day and night.

Usually what does our life consist of? I have to go with personal and professional portions; the same old work, emotions, relationships, always under the influence of various shades. These shades of grey govern many aspects, that play a pivotal role in our life. Nevertheless, because of this shade, we tend to form a defect of trusting good things that comes to us.

Gradually, very often I have noticed, we develop the habit of verifying the permanence of the good and the bad things that happen to us. For example, today if someone confesses their love for me, I am bound to question the depth, viability and genuineness of the love.

Why do we always need a reason to accept happiness? Why do we run away from good things? Is it because somewhere, deep inside we believe happiness is temporary? Isn’t it us, who welcome misery with open arms? If I were to say, I think somewhere subconsciously it is us who can be held responsible.

On the contrary, I can also say that when we stop questioning the happiness coming our way, the existing life pattern will fall in place quite naturally. It is revolves around the lens through which we see things.

As irrelevant as it may seem, I suggest, that we instill this habit of accepting people for who they are. Take my word, life will automatically become way less complicated. Raising questions and doubts, where there are none just leads to a string of unwanted feelings, and dissatisfaction.

These shades of grey which, are full of insecurity and frustration, can only lead us to the dead end of our journey. Whilst, on the other hand, it will open doors to pain and remorse. The only thing one can do to shut this door permanently is stop questioning the good that happens to you.

Living a life with grey shade is the road for diplomats, where as living with black or white shade is the road of being an ideal. Choose your shade accordingly.

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Vyom Desai
Vyom Desai

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