Third Step Towards Interpretation

Third Step Towards Interpretation

Third Step Towards Interpretation has been edited by Rushi Bhimani.

I feel that a person’s ego is the sign of them being ideal. Here, the question is what makes their ego the synonymous to the selfless ideal of virtue? The simple answer that my alter ego gave was your ego is always in direct relationship with love. It is the love for one’s work that turns a person into a creator. Love has its own language and definition. However, here the major question is, what love is? How can we relate love with a person’s ego?

In the journey of interpreting my life, I realized that love is to destroy your own soul in order to be in love with the work you do. It might sound contradictory; however, it made me realize the two different lives which, a person lives. The first one is when the person lives by the guidelines provided by the prime movers and the other is when he realizes what love means. The day I tried to interpret love, I realized my journey of life has started. It was more challenging, vivid and beautiful.

The second life challenges and asks reasons for every principle you follow. It asks you uncomfortable questions. It asks you questions about sustainability of your identity in the world of run by second handers. I was frequently told that I am violating the principles of altruism. I always replied back, that in my perception altruism is to give justice to your soul, ego, and work. The only reason for repeating the meaning again is that one needs to have faith in themselves in order to love. Mind you, reference of love is just with the love for work.

The only condition here is that love is the only religion in this life. Moreover, here one can question, can love be referred here as a passion? There are high chance we compromise on passion if we do not see any outcomes from it. Whereas, in the case of love, no such word like compromise exist. In my perception, one can only love and sustain it when he is obstinate. Love is not felt unless it is being dominated and trampled.  One cannot feel it unless he suffers.

As a result of it, I asked my alter ego the question that after all the suffering will it lead me to success? To which he replied that I do not guarantee success, however, it will make you fall in love with your life. That will be enough for you to be a creator. The second life will make you an individual, who is master of his work with an ego as its prime mover. It will make you realize the importance of love for work and a person who does not need to dominate the second-hander.

This led me to the third and the final step towards interpretation. My alter ego made me realize the importance of love for the work I do. As a result, I became selfless towards my soul and selfish towards the world. It made me a person who realized the importance of being an individual. I realized my purpose of life and found out a secret of being ideal, which is still a myth to this world. I will not say that I am an ideal person because it is the journey I still need to undertake. However, I can say is I learned to live and love.

It never matters that how many people are ideal. What truly maters is how many people become an individual and are just towards their soul.

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