Then He Knew

Then He Knew


It came through clearer than anything… there were colours too; but they went unnoticed, like the blurry background of a brilliant picture.

Devastation was so stark and tangible in the air around him, all he had to do was lift a hand and he could almost feel it.

The world shook with tremors, and then collapsed.

Everything he knew to be true and real, lay in pieces underneath his feet… with no way to join the pieces back together.

All the memories came to his mind in a rush – one after another – so quick, he could barely keep up.

As he walked in the ruins, with dirt and rubble crunching underneath his feet he realized how silent it was around him.

So deep was the silence, it almost engulfed him whole and yet somehow, all he felt was a deep, deep void of emptiness.

Everything was gone. Just like that. In a single blow. All that was left was an echo of yesterday and a glimpse of infinite nothingness ahead.


It was then that he knew why hurricanes were named after women.

Just like a hurricane, she arrived wild and free… took all he had and destroyed him in the most beautiful way possible.

She made him soar, made his stomach come alive with butterflies, made his heart dance to her tune.

She was the madness he dreamt about- secret smiles, bright red blushing, igniting bones.

Magic slipping under his skin, invading his blood, seizing his heart.

But alas! She was the hurricane that took all of him with her and left behind the cloud of dust as the star dust faded away…

It was then that he knew why hurricanes were named after women.