A Strange Woman

A Strange Woman

A Strange Woman

by Mansi Shah

I met a woman today. It seemed like she carried her world, and the universe of the people surrounding her effortlessly. The woman held her head high, and ruled the world like she was the queen. She looked like someone who embraced every little moment. Especially the ones where she could laugh like a child, carefree. She thoroughly enjoyed every moment that allowed her to have control and rule the galaxies. We spoke about about power and love.

She believed that, power was to control and love, to let go of that control.

She was fearless, not afraid to reveal her true self. The woman claimed to be devoid of emotions like love. All she wanted was to crown herself as the queen.

She believed that scars were for the weak. She believed in those galaxies beyond and aspired to rule one, if not all. Power and control gave her an enchanting rush.

Truth be told, I did not completely understand her theory. Perhaps, I never will. But I am happy to live with the pleasure of knowing a stranger; who happened to strange enough yet made me feel familiar.

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