The Stages Of Love

The Stages Of Love

I have seen people loose themselves in love,

I’ve also seen people find pieces of themselves in love,

I’ve seen love that has destroyed

Also, love that has saved

I’ve seen her lugubrious because of love,

And him euphoric because of it.

I’ve seen unconditional love,

And love with all its conditions.

I’ve seen crazy love, the one that drives you bonkers in all its dimensions. The kind where you sacrifice food, sleep, and luxuries of life.

It’s love that makes you dance in the bathroom and in hallway,

The same love is the reason for you 3 A.M sobbing.

It’s also the reason for you afternoon bliss and midnight restlessness.

There’s love that fills your with butterflies, makes your heart flutter out of its chest. You smile, ditzy. Not quite comprehending the many, many emotions but you’re happy,

For now.

But there’s also gut wrenching love, it causes your heart to leap south, tears causing migraines. All you feel is pain, by now you wish there was a void where the pain lays. Wilted flowers, were once bloomed.

Then there’s the passionate love, oh how beautiful it is, the passion towards one another, towards life. The type that makes you give it your all, with the risks, without holding back, where you lay your heart out, fearlessly.

There’s love that drowns, consumes. Leaved your lips stained and energy drained. The love where despite of giving it all, its just now enough.

Love has so many dimensions, how do you know which type is the one for you? Maybe its all. Maybe not.

Only you know.