The Politician

The Politician

He found a wife, she heard

And horrified, looked on

As he made love to a political ally

And produced from it, a son!

He had been free to choose

Free to choose her!

But he had made his choice

He had made that amply clear

Yes, he was a minister

Yes, a politician

Yes, his hands were tied

He said

By his revolutionary vision

What could he do?

The country was at stake!

So, his morals, he had to keep down

And lots of love he had to make;

That’s what he said.

Sacrifice. That’s how we must see it;

That’s what he said.

Ranjini Sircar

Ranjini Sircar - Everything Sharmaji ka beta ever wanted to be. Hopefully, in a few years I’ll be successful enough for people to say ‘She must have slept her way into that position’.