The Plan B

The Plan B

Oh my God, I didn’t get my period!
It was supposed to come last week,
Five days late!
Oh. My. God.
What if I’m pregnant?
But, we didn’t even do anything?
Is it his?
Wow, we’ve only gone out a month,
I’m having his kid.
Fact’s a fact, harsh truth,
Suck it up, baby.
Okay, what then?
My family will disown me,
So, they mustn’t know,
I’ll move to a country with free healthcare,
And get it aborted,
Abortion is quick and easy I hear,
(does it make me a bad person?)
No one has to know,
I can go on like nothing ever happened,
Should I tell him?
It’s none of his business,
Yes, that’s it,
But how?
We didn’t have sex!
Is it because – wait –
Can you have babies like that?
Okay, think logically,
Let me go through the actions,
Sperm has to meet egg,
Oh yes, that is possible,
But it’s such an absurd reason!
God, technically…
Anyway, safe to assume yes,
Better than to regret later,
Okay, so if I don’t get it by,
Mid-next week,
Then, move to another country,
Find a good doctor,
Abort the baby and start a new life,
Continue living as if nothing happened,
Potentially erase all contact with him,
And family,
Or what if it’s a disease?
But why would my period stop?
So, where I stand:

Plan A: get my period
Plan B: Abort.

…. oh wait, I got it.

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Ranjini Sircar

Ranjini Sircar - Everything Sharmaji ka beta ever wanted to be. Hopefully, in a few years I’ll be successful enough for people to say ‘She must have slept her way into that position’.