Privy Poet’ Society: The Parallel Universe

Privy Poet’ Society: The Parallel Universe

‘The Parallel Universe’ has been submitted by Vasu Nagpal.

I try to compromise with the trend,
But the constant umbrage follows my steps,
Rumors vexes my spirit around.
When I try to lean, and So I fall,
All I stay is an inept like before.
I gamble my dignity for the sake of joy,
It repeats the destined, and I fail as so.
A day passes, and I look for hope.
Wonder—whether a parallel universe exists, in which I could enter though,
Where serendipity was a common lifestyle.
A place where the extolled remains inept,
And a scavenger burns hunt!
Where ruler turns on street,
And begs for rule,
And a crude greeds for being despot!
I wonder whether I will be extolled…
The remains remark ,the question empty,
The sound come rebounding as an echo,
As only the dream holds the universe,
I wish I could go to the parallel universe.

Synopsis for ‘The Parallel Universe’ :

Wonder! what it would be to see beyond the imaginary. The makers would have changed the other world or the world itself held its foundation.
We all need to escape from the type of people, surroundings at one instance of our lives, where he stands and gaze about it, and wonders, whether a parallel universe exist or not.

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