The Last Weekend Girlfriend

The Last Weekend Girlfriend

Maybe tomorrow, a bullet may find me

Tonight nothing’s worse than this pain in my heart

-Marty Robbins

I was distressed. The atmosphere itself had its own emptiness. I will be enumerating different stages in this journey of How I Met Her.

I was in a relationship which lasted for a year. The first interactions, the frequent touches, all seemed so perfect in the beginning, the place where all of it went wrong was yet never realized by either of us. These small things that were left unseen had later repercussions. It all came down as a storm before I could figure a way out. Surprisingly, these fights were just the mere beginning of it.

Time passed as it always does, and none of us expected what stood further. Our relationship reached to the verge of it being ended. The reasons basically were because none of us actually understood the whole concept of the fights we had, or maybe we never paid much attention to it. The end was approaching and I could feel it.

The time was here, the final countdown had begun, all I could think was to go away from her. Even though we were together, it felt like we were miles apart. That connection, the feeling of having someone close to you, to share things and chat, all seemed to fade.

I decided to call her that day, she responded in a very low tone,”Hello, what happened? I am a little busy”, the way she said it, made me furious. She made me more firm with my decision that very moment. I fiercely said,”It’s over!”, she remained quiet for a while and then there was silence from the other end for few seconds. She uttered some words which were not clearly audible. She fumbled and said,”I have kidney stones that I lately discovered and all I want you is to not make my week any worse than it is.” I wanted to leave her, that is what was sure, but these words hit me harder than I ever thought it could.

The only thing that came to my mind the next second was extending our relation further for a week. The week wasn’t one that I expected, It made me a whole new person. Maybe I started caring a lot more than I ever did.

I figured it out much later, there weren’t many difficulties in the journey. Maybe we started carrying a lot more for each other than before. The human race does not value the entities present to them until they have a fear of losing it. Maybe the stone was for a reason. It made me value her, more than I could ever imagine.