Privy Poet’ Society: The Howls of Desolation

Privy Poet’ Society: The Howls of Desolation

Pain demands to be felt.
It screams and shouts
just to make you feel it’s presence.
It pokes holes from within
and peeps outside.
It tickles your bones,
and makes you weak.
It gleams, it gleams
through the crinkles of your eyes.
It carves red into your,
soft green and blue lanes.
Ambitious to crack you open.

But let me tell you,
You, are stronger.
Strong to sew the holes.
Laugh through,
the weakening tickles.
You are strong.
Stronger than the
Pain that demands to be felt.
Stronger than the
Pain that screams and shouts.

Synopsis for ‘The Howls of Desolation’:

Pain always demands to be felt and it makes her feel its presence through tearing and breaking her apart. But, the poet reminds herself that she is strong. Stronger than the pain she feels and she is strong enough to mend herself.

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Pratichi Sadavrati

Pratichi Sadavrati - Amateur poet. Sarcastic. Iron Man and Game of Thrones fanatic. Baller. Connects with nature and humans. Temerarious.