Store Full of Stories: #2 Three People, Four Plates

Store Full of Stories: #2 Three People, Four Plates

Three People, Four Plates Part II has been edited by Rushi Bhimani. 

“I don’t know what is going on with her. She seems upset and different…”

It’s been a week now and she hasn’t been herself lately. Maybe, it’s something I did. Should I go ask her what’s wrong? Arghh.. the mystery is killing me.
However, she has been ignoring Ved and Sid too. It’s all kind of messed up. I’m going to talk about this to her now. I don’t care how she would react, after all it’s about them. Can she not see how busy I have been? I have been working for eight hours every day, yet  I take care of the daily supplies on my way back. And, if she is still nagging about it, I don’t care. Why doesn’t she try that for once? Does it seem so easy? But then, I shouldn’t get mad at her. She might have her own set of problems…but why is she keeping them to herself? Has anything happened at school? Has anything happened at the hospital? I should probably make her sit down and talk.

We had “the talk”. I sat her down and confronted her. But…

I just can’t understand. I mean, is that the way things should be done? What about our children? What is she thinking? Isn’t it her responsibility too, to stick around? So what if I’ve been busy? Most men are. And, have I ever complained about her kitty parties ?
And whatever the issue maybe, what’s with the tone? She has never been this way. Is she seeing someone else? It must be that Andrew from work. Look what you’ve done, you weasel. Happy? But I guess she’s too angry now, she wouldn’t leave us. Would she?

The doorbell rang, I grabbed the box, locked the cupboard and quickly rushed to my room. Dad had returned. He had the same dejected look on his face. Soon, he went off to sleep, and I pulled out the box from under my bed, and continued…

“She has gone. She really has gone. I checked everywhere; the hospital, the church, everywhere. I called every single colleague she ever had. All of her friends and our family friends, but none of them know about her whereabouts. What am I supposed to do? She is gone, but I’m the one lost. How do I console the kids? How do I even face them? What do I tell them? There has to be something. There has to be a link, through which I can find her.

It’s been three days and I haven’t heard from her yet. Ved has been crying a lot and Sid won’t stop asking questions. I was helpless, and ended up making a story. Thank God that they bought the training program crap. But, how long can I keep lying to them? It won’t be long before they come up with questions again. Soon I’ll have to tell them the bitter truth. But before that, I would have to know it myself. Had I been a bad husband? She was just furious, it’s all my fault, had I not screamed at her that day, she would have been here.

I don’t know but it seemed pretty weird, the way Antara was dodging me in the lobby. Maybe she knows something. If she does, why wouldn’t she speak then. I should probably go and ask her about it, she might know where is she. After all , they are best friends. Yes, I’ll ask her tomorrow.

I went to her place today, stood outside her apartment, ringing the door bell for almost a half hour. No one opened. I did get some annoyed stares from her neighbors but the brown door in front of me didn’t open.  I knew she was in there, I had heard footsteps. But there was nothing that I could do. For a moment I thought, Chitra must have been there with her there too. I actually hoped…earnestly hoped she was in there with Antara.

Ringing Antara’s doorbell became a routine. Every single day I went there with hope and returned disheartened. However, it changed one fine day. Suddenly, today Antara opens the door and yells at me. She says something about how I have made her life hell and that both Chitra and her want me to leave them alone.  

It struck me, she was never going to comeback. But I could not give up, how could I! I still hope one day she’d knock on our door right with that heart melting smile. Just sit on her chair while we’ll be laughing about all sorts of silly things. I hope that the day comes soon.”

The diary ended, but I didn’t get my answer, why did mom leave us?

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