Store Full of Stories: #2 3:50 Saurashtra Superfast

Store Full of Stories: #2 3:50 Saurashtra Superfast

3:50 Saurashtra Superfast Part II has been edited by Rushi Bhimani.

3:50 Saurashtra Superfast

Part II

Then, Isha stopped pretending that she could continue reading when something interesting was going to happen.

Opening his eye, he quickly sat up straight and said, ‘Aey de na, de na! Kab se intzaar kar raha hun ki ab degi, ab degi. Deti kyun nahi?’

‘Oh! toh tu bhi wahi hai’

‘Haan, main bhi wahi hoon’, putting one finger on his chin, he answered in a feminine voice.

Hearing this, the eunuch blushed. Other passengers laughed and Isha smiled. And with that, the ice between them broke.

Despite the constant rocking sensation, the people around them had made themselves comfortable. Some took out snacks from their bags, while others were busy having conversations ranging from Salman Khan to politics. Children had started playing their games, which grown-ups didn’t bother to understand. And every now and then there were vendors passing by, selling various things like tea, coffee, samosa and biscuits.

“A sunny day with a few clouds here and there. Today’s weather is just perfect, don’t you think?”, he said, looking outside the window.

“Hmm… right” , she mumbled, still buried in her book.

“I know it would make anybody angry, the way I talked to you.”

“No, no, no…I wasn’t angry.”

“Oh, but you should have been!”, he said facing her. However, all he could see was the book’s cover.

“I don’t get angry that easily.”

“Had anybody else been in your place, they would have fought with me. You must already have been in a bad mood as you got late.”

“No, no, no…I wasn’t in a bad mood either.”

“Ah, good. Your book interests me. Murder mystery?”

“No, no, no”, still buried in the book, she replied faintly.
“No, no, no”
“No, no, no”

He was not liking the repeated usage of ‘no, no, no’. As a matter of fact, he was getting irritated. She definitely wasn’t going easy on him.

He went back to gazing at the fields outside through the window. For how long could he merely stare at the cover of a book with the hope of a face behind being unveiled ?

Just then a TT arrived in the coach carrying the reservation chart with him. When he reached berth no. 31, checking their tickets, he said, “So, the two of you are sharing this RAC berth. Okay, what’s your name, miss? Yes, Isha! It is my duty to ask you if there is any problem here?”

“Not yet.”, she said putting down her book.

“Good, in case there is a problem, I can arrange for a different seat. Moreover, there is a similar situation in the next coach. There the seating is between an elderly lady and a high-school boy. So, we if you want to shift, both of you ladies can be together.”

“No, thank you, sir. It’s alright here.”

“Have a good day.”

“I thought you would go to the other seat”, he said to her as soon as the TT left.

“And why would you think that?” She asked back. This time her face was not hidden behind the book. She looked at him right in the eyes.

“Because I was boring you so much with my stupid questions.”

“No, no, no…on the contrary, I was boring you. The book was at such a critical juncture that I couldn’t resist it. And also, who wants to go and sit with an old hag?”

This time he liked and enjoyed every bit of her ‘No, no, no’. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling. This journey in Saurashtra Superfast was pleasing him beyond his expectations.

“Okay, tell me about the book.”

“Oh, it’s nothing great. Just your run-of-the-mill romantic story.”

“But you said no when I asked if it was romantic.”

“Did I say that? Sorry. I must have been deeply engrossed in…. Oh, no!”

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