Simple Joys of Life

Simple Joys of Life

Simple Joys of Life has been edited by Aashna Kanuga.

“It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”

-Laura Ingalls Wilder

The scent of wet sand, finding money from your old jeans, the sound of a slow train, meeting an old friend, the toll of the school bell, the comfort of crisp cotton sheets, the churning sound of crushing dry leaves, the morning coffee, sleeping in on a cold day and many more such tiny little things. Don’t these things fill our lives with a different kind of joy? These things, though very simple, give you a very special kind of glee!

Therefore, let us dedicate some of our time to talk about the simple joys of life!

We all have a special idea of joy in our lives. Movies, books and television have created such a magnificent illusive mindset for the current generation in terms of being happy. In this pesky strenuous lives of ours, we are forgetting the basics. We want people to do grand things for us, we want life to give us lemons all the time. But that does not happen. We expect a blizzard of good things, and in that expectation, we forget the tiny little dew drops that can potentially make us the happiest.

I clearly remember one particular roadside tea session with my friends. Just blissfully sitting on a log of wood, having the most hearty and loud conversation. We couldn’t bother being conscious or sophisticated. Weirdly though, when I think of happy times, I fail to recall a time when I had gone to a fancy restaurant. As a matter of fact, being at a huge restaurant having English breakfast in those comfy chairs aren’t on the list of my fondest memories. The smell of pizza from a tiny deli has enthralled my taste buds in a way, the cuisines of a huge diner have failed to.

I believe in Sia, and just like her, I love Cheap Thrills. I am not discouraging the concept of ‘live life king size’ here, I simply want to convey that even little things can make you ecstatic.

On birthdays, we make big plans for people. We plan for an unbelievable huge surprise, go crazy sorting things out for it, try to get everything right, in order to make him/her happy. Unfortunately, by chance, things go south, we end up being disheartened. Ever wondered a nice sumptuous yet inexpensive meal with the beloved too can be extremely memorable? Again, not discouraging, just vouching for simplicity.

Now that I am talking about simple fun things, how can I miss out on writing our names on the fog covered windows? Or on the fun of  watching a sitcom at home, cozy on bed rather than going to the movies? Ah and what about binge eating your favourite pizza with a Harry Potter movie marathon? A smile creeps up those lips, doesn’t it? Doesn’t Netflix and chill sound way more exciting than going out on a tedious fancy date?

I guess, playing on the old Nintendo is perhaps the best of nostalgic moment. Playing board games has been another simple pleasure, that I have been enjoying since forever! Sunday mornings are the best, waking up late, having a hearty homely brunch and then napping again!

All these simple joys can sum our lives up to an ultimate joyride. In search of materialistic happiness, let us not forget to make ourselves happy. While frantically searching for the moon, let us not forget the stars. In search of finding one good reason to be rejoice, let us not fail the other 100 tiny reasons. In search of one perfect person, please don’t forget the fifty that truly care about you.

Let us enjoy the simple joys of life, let us just be happy!

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