Sign of Love

Sign of Love

I don’t know what my life aims
I don’t know what my soul claims
I don’t know the bliss of names
But I know what my life gains.

I don’t know where he is now
But I love him somehow
Because he is mine anyhow
I am the arrow and he is my bow.

The symbol of peace is dove
You act as my cute glove
But yes sometimes you do shove
But my relation with him is of love

The relation is not my subject
Love is not my suspect
My goal is not my object
The feeling for him is of respect

I know I am quite
I think of him even at night
To love him is my birthright
And feeling to God for him is a big fight

I tried to offer god a lot of offense
But everything it made me tense
The feeling  for you is intense
And I love u from the time my life commence

I won’t like to express any further
No one else is like you brother
Our love is now not in any cover
I love u from the core of my heart brother.