Siena – a town somewhere in Tuscany

Siena – a town somewhere in Tuscany

I have no words to express how much I love this small town! I have been to Rome, Florence and other major towns of the Italy but small towns in the Tuscany has its own charm.

Let me give you a short insight! Siena is one the place where you would fall in love with the place itself, you will just sit down at any corner of the street and think about where you were all these long? a place where you would see one of the best piazza and network of small streets meeting at breathing taking views! shuttered windows (I have unconditional love for them), small cafes with two tables to sit on street with a beautiful flower pot! every 5 mins walk will take you to a junction where you could go down and go up. 

Too much talking always leads you to boredom so let me show you some beautiful pictures!

I believe that European cities and weather has a very deep relation. Siena has chilly weather throughout the year and that’s make more elegant. I mean just assume yourself in a place where temperature is 40 degrees, after two hours of journey, you are still in your shorts and a linen shirt and temperature outside is 15 degrees! It just made you grab a pizza slice and drink hot coffee, that’s what happened with me.

Always remember most of European cities have to have a piazza and a cathedral, same with Siena! But somehow I always end up loving culture and streets more than any architectural monument, I mean that’s where the life connects with one another. 

The cityscape is marvelous, you just walk down in any direction and you will find breathtaking views! In the end the town gives me lots of memories to cherish.