Rainbow Dynamics

Rainbow Dynamics

Rainbow Dynamics has been edited by Nidhi Shah.

“You are such a caring person with a magnanimous heart. You deserve to be with someone who loves you as much as you love me. I am not that someone. You deserve so much better than me”, she said with tears in her eyes.

Somehow even a year after their marriage her insecurities were still persistent. Her husband looked up from his desk, removed his spectacles and walked towards her. He held her in his arms and planted short kisses on her forehead. For a minute he kept hugging her, listening to her sobs in the silent night.

She looked up at him, her eyes all red and watery. He held her face softly as if it was a delicate flower. It made her smile a little, breaking the chain of tears that seemed to flood the entire city. The husband exclaimed, “But darling, you are my rainbow!”.

Like a baby, she looked at him cluelessly. Her expression clearly conveyed a thousand questions that were running through her mind. With utmost innocence, she asked, “Rainbow? How?”

With a smirk, he said, “Well, you know the entire process of rainbow dynamics is quite difficult to understand. But do not worry, I will try to simplify it for you. Fancy a cup of hot chocolate?” He knew exactly how to lift her mood with her favourite beverage. With that alone, he answered a lot of her questions.

As the man gets busy preparing hot chocolate, let us take a look around the room. A bright yellow wall adorned with their photographs in the bedroom. A study table with a lamp on it. Papers with equations scribbled on them scattered everywhere. Some reports, graphs and a laptop. A bed with a monochrome bed sheet and a colourful quilt. Both matching the personalities of the owners of the house. A window in the bedroom looked out to the seaside giving an inlet to the cool fresh wind. One that played with the lady’s hair and made her husband rather jealous of it.

Within 5 minutes the man emerged with hot chocolate in yellow and blue cups. He handed her the yellow cup, yellow being her favourite colour. Together they sat by the window, she in his arms, sipping the hot chocolate. “So how am I your rainbow?”, she asked again while marvelling over the fact how her husband who never even took a glass of water for himself made such efforts for her.

“Oh yeah! See, there is this new concept called rainbow dynamics on which I am studying and researching upon these days. You are very lucky that your husband will be the first person to explore this whole new theory”. They sat facing each other, and she appeared as an obedient student listening to a teacher. “You know that Seven colours make a rainbow, right?” She nodded in agreement.

“Can you name all of them in the correct order?”

“Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red!”, she said triumphantly in one breath.

“These are the very colours that you bring in my otherwise monochrome life. Of course, you bring a lot more than just these seven colours. But these are the ones that make my life beautiful”. She tried to hide her cheeks that were turning red and asked, “Can you elaborate how?”

“Well, I have not yet researched on all the colours, but I will tell you about those I have studied. You see, before you came in my life, the only colours I could identify were black and grey like I was stuck in some storm. Furthermore, you magically mixed indigo with black and painted a beautiful night sky for me. The sparkle of your eyes becoming the stars that spread across the moonless sky. The only grey I have known since then are the footpaths outside our house. In whose cracks flowers of pink, violet, red and yellow colours have started to bloom. Before you, the only way I knew the difference between day and night was by looking at my watch. Now I see how the reds, oranges and blues mix and yet remained distinguished. Creating that mesmerising sunrise I missed for almost thirty years of my life”.

He continued, “Since the time you have become a part of me, I see the sun’s rays falling on the sea. Making the water sparkling blue, the waves dancing to your tune. And how can I not mention your wonderful eyes from which the tears seem to have receded now? The way your cheeks turn red when I say that I love you or when you shout at the vegetable vendor for overcharging you. Your tiny cold hands when we went to the mountains on holiday and how your little nose turned red in the winds. Moreover, your presence makes the dry grass bright green. And your love makes the green vegetables I hate so tasty.”

“To sum it up, you are my splash of fresh blue water and the soothing orange sun of the sunrise and sunset. My fierce yellow flames of fire in the cold and my calm indigo night sky. My bunch of violet, red, blue, yellow and pink everblooming flowers. You are the one who makes life worth living beyond money and fame. You are my silver lining of the dark grey cloud.”

The hot chocolate in the two cups had finished by now. The couple was still sitting by the window, closer to each other than they were at the time the explanation began to flow. It was a truly beautiful night with the moonless starlit sky. And a love so pure and so chaste that is rare in today’s time.

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