Separate Ways

Separate Ways

When I was online on my favourite page

A girl hooked me up into her beautys cage

She had a cuteness of some kind

That blurred up the thoughts of my mind


It crashed my thoughts

It thrashed all rots


That soverness twirled off my furious glare

And my heart just asked me to stare and stare

Although of the world around me,I dint care

But to click on her profile my patience dint dare


My heart was duzed , fingers accused

Brain confused with a blown off fuse


This was the time when emotions bursted out

And I felt like a dumb who wanted to shout

It was a coincidence

With a reason too dence

But now the time has come for us to break

no one can say what’s the best to take

because i can never be sobmeone who’s fake

and i’ll be trying my best for the best things to make


i can never be someone you want

because i’ll always be the one i want

then, if this is not what you want from me

let us separate, let us all get free!


so now that i have seen the real you

it’s time for me to show the real me

because i can’t take it any longer

having let you do what you want from me


i’d never wanted to be like this

with all the words that i state

‘coz no matter how strong i am, it’s

not enough to break our bond


but now that i have realized it

even if i had never did it

i tried to look down and ask for forgiveness

but it all just turned to nothing but useless!


ok! enough! i’m fed alreay!

i can no longer take what you’re doing so free

and i think it’s now the time to say,