Black Rose In a farm of Red Roses

Black Rose In a farm of Red Roses


Toothless, dependant came into the sphere,
Little did he know that struggle’s the synonym of life here.

Is it a girl or a boy?
We need to decide where to deploy….

“Doctor”, she will be if it is a girl,
Son will be an engineer, shining like a pearl!

Never less than Sharma Ji’s kid did he desire,
But Michael Jackson & Oprah for him felt more interesting than wave rectifier.

Exploring his desires was need of the hour,
But he still decided to find the four leaved clover.

Colors, Brushes & Canvas was his life,
Who would give their son a spatula and a knife?!

Impressive Sports performance showed little Dennis! ,
Only to know that his family was against Cricket & Tennis.

Future of Doctors and Engineers are bright,
Deep inside he knew something’s not right.

He broke all jinx and society’s myths,
He hit them hard like a fierce blacksmith.

Colors & Brushes is his hand,
Another Picasso was in making on this land.

He drew like bird free from cage,
Talent always overlooks status and age.

Brilliance in him shone like a diamond,
For he wasn’t less than Michael Symon.

It was now time to hold the knife,
He finally wore the michelin masterchef’s stripe!

He bravely renamed society’s label,
His father now knew that his son is equally able.

Is good salary still the measure of fame,
He now mastered the “Life”- a game!

Satwik Chauhan