Breaking The Chains Of Conformity

Breaking The Chains Of Conformity

Breaking The Chains Of Conformity has been edited by Aashna Kanuga.

There are two types of morning people. The first kind wake up energized and refreshed. They look forward to making the most of their day. The kind who wake up before the alarm. The kind of people that work out, sing in the shower and feel fresh as daisies. They greet you with a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

Then there are the others. They wake up tired and grumpy, knowing what their day ahead is going to be like. And they’re already dreading it, not wanting to leave their bed. A quick shower later, they’re out of the house. Breakfast is a luxury they don’t have time for. They’re already tired, though the day has just begun. Yet they carry on. They greet others with a smile that doesn’t quite reach their eyes. Inside, a storm is brewing. They want to say so much but keep quiet. They’re bound. They can speak but are gagged. They can move but are chained.

Some say that if you don’t wake up tired in your 20’s, you didn’t work hard enough the day before. And the sad part is that there is no respite. Irrespective of the circumstances, you need to be ready to go and get stuff done. Even if there are obstacles at every step, you’ve got to figure a way around, or a way over. You cannot step back. You will fail in this cluster-fuck of a world. That’s just the harsh reality. You fail, but you get right back up. That is what your 20’s ideally should be all about. If you aren’t failing often, you’re not working hard enough.

You need to work hard to break away from the chains of conformity. These chains come in different forms and have different names – student loans, relationships, parents getting older, self-sufficiency, or dependence on others. Working hard is your only option. If you don’t, you’re still a liability.

Too much pressure? Can’t deal with it? Feel like quitting? It’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day. Today, you rest. Tomorrow, you double your efforts and get right back up. That is just the law of this world. Those who fail to understand this, more often than not, perish.

Don’t complain. Nobody cares. Harsh as that may sound, that’s the way it is. Your boss wants to royally fuck over your happiness, no matter how good you perform. Because that’s his job. It’s the first rule of the chain of command: shit flows downhill. Your friends might want to chill. And you will always have work. It’s better to understand that we’ll always be fighting a constant battle between what we want to do versus what we have to do.

The truth is, most of us walk aimlessly. Most of us live someone else’s dream that they want us to achieve. The road less travelled? In reality, it’s a myth. It’s more like an assembly line that churns out standardized products with an average lifespan of 65 years. The end is either a stroke, diabetes or a car crash. It’s almost like the law of the land.

But those who are ballsy enough to tread off the conveyor belt, enter into a long, dark tunnel. Nothing is certain. There’s nobody along with you. However, if you do continue walking, you will find the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how difficult the path, there will come a day, where you can say ‘I made it.’ That feeling and those words are what it’s really all about.

So instead of chasing grades, chase education. Instead of chasing money, chase experiences. Instead of trying to buy that BMW, try spending some time with your family. And instead of sleeping in a different bed every night, try finding that someone you want to come home to.

I know all of it sounds highly idealistic. Some would have closed this tab right after the first paragraph. However, if you’re still here, I’d just like to say one last thing:

The only economy that matters more than the economy that can actually put money in your purse, wallet, or the cracks of your sofa, is the economy created by your thoughts, words, and actions.

It’s your call as to what you choose to run after.

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Sanchit Verma
Sanchit Verma

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