Experience Life Once Again

Experience Life Once Again

‘Experience Life Once Again’ has been edited by Ishita Gupta. 

Today, I wish to present before you all an essence of this beautiful book called ‘Manuscript Found in Accra’ by Paulo Coelho, which manages to answer most of the questions that keep us awake at 2 am.

As the book unveils, each chapter begins with questions asked by the common people and a Copt tries to ease their pain by solving the mystery and providing them with relevant answers. One of the chapters of the book deeply touched my heart and I wish to share my version of the answer.

However, one young man disagreed:

‘Your words are beautiful, but the truth is that we never have much choice. Life and our community have already taken charge of planning our fate.’

An old man added, ‘And I can’t go back and recover lost moments.’

From the moment we are born, various circumstances influence our lives. And that tends to leave us with very little time for introspection; regarding what is right and what is wrong. As we grow older, a monotonous routine and the burden of social expectations dominate our lives. We promise ourselves that one day we’ll be able to do what we want; perhaps, travel the world when the opportunities arise or when the time is right. Our dreams and plans are veiled by commitments as we age and grow with the passing time. And then one fine day we realise how life flew by us, much to our displeasure.

We end up becoming yet another victim of the evil clutches of time.

Experience Life Once Again- Lutalica

The question is, how do we stop being the vulnerable victims? Is it something we are capable of changing?

I am not sure if there is a definite answer. Probably we do not always need an escape from reality to experience beauty or happiness. Maybe we need to stop being blinded by how our life is supposed to be and learn to let our expectations slip away, just a little. To let go of the a those few irrational believe in and the ones that have been taught to us.

I say, how about we ease our pain and release the anchor that is holding us back?

Not everything can be defined in terms of right or wrong. We often use logic as a medium to rationalise. If we are not able to explain something, we dismiss it as illogical. This is how we to restrict our source of ideas, narrowing our mentality. What if we got the chance to experience everything for the first time? What if we were to experience life and things in for just their aesthetic appeal?

Imagine you are touching things that you are familiarised with but, for the first time. Wouldn’t you be amazed by how different it feels? Take a moment to realise the work that has been put into it. Become aware of the fact that whatever you touch, taste, feel has a past and now it has been accommodated in your life, so seamlessly, irrespective of whatever significance it plays.

Let us become capable of appreciating the people around us again. We do not really value the people we have become so accustomed to, knowing that, irrespective of how we treat them, they won’t leave.

Let us imagine the miracle of re-encountering  emotions worn smooth by routine and experience life once again.

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