India Versus Pakistan Through The Years

India Versus Pakistan Through The Years

India Versus Pakistan Through The Years has been edited by Riya Jhala.

India is practising with Pota (grandson-Bangladesh) before playing Beta (son-Pakistan).”

If you follow cricket, you know who said the above words, and what are they referring to. Yes, it is none other than the savage Indian cricketer, Virender Sehwag. Yes, he said it on-screen during the Ind vs Ban warm-up match. Such is the level of the fierceness of Indo-Pak matches that nobody can control the urge to spice them up.

It has been sixty-five years since the first India versus Pakistan cricket match was played. All these years, the rivalry has only increased and so has the heat. Owing to the current political scenario between the nations, we are sure not to get a bilateral series in the near future. For us fans, ICC Tournaments are coming in handy for the past few years.

No matter what the current form of both teams is or what diplomacy issues are being faced, India versus Pakistan in cricket will always be special for the countries. A really beautiful dialogue from the Sachin biopic is, “India and Pakistan, pitted against each other. Where else will you get it? At war? But we do not really want a war. Cricket is the field.”

Both the countries have had their domination on the field. During the past few years, the Indian team has really flourished to its finest form and has heavily dominated the green team. A stat that all Indians are really proud of is that they have not beaten us ever in World Cups. But did you know, that in the head to head record, Pakistan is ahead of us? Out of 126 meetings between the two teams, Pak has won 72 games and India has won 50. 4 out of the 126 games had no results or were abandoned. (Sucks, doesn’t it?). Hopefully, we will overcome this too. There are so many fierce and thrilling incidents of India versus Pakistan matches, enough to compile a novel from. Let us take a look at few of them.

Venky sends Sohail off:

This is a rather famous incident. During the 1996 World Cup, Pak Batsman Aamir Sohail was smashing Indian bowlers all over the ground. While facing the quick Venkatesh Prasad, he hit him for a four. After the glorious hit, he pointed out to Prasad where the ball went, in a very haughty manner. On the very next delivery, Venky hit the stumps in a very outstanding manner. He then gave Sohail the send off he needed.


Miandad hits the funny bone:

Javed Miandad was always famous for his furious character on the field. There have been multiple incidents where he lost his calm. One such instance occurred in the 1992 World Cup when India and Pakistan were taking on each other. Miandad was batting while Kiran More was keeping wickets. More appealed very vaguely about a caught behind for a ball that was going down the leg side. The ball was as Ravi Shastri would say, “miles away” from the bat. This annoyed Miandad and he spoke to More, complained to the umpire as well. On the next ball, More took the bails off when Miandad was “way inside” the crease. He appealed loudly. This triggered Miandad and he started imitating the Indian keeper, jumping on the field with the bat in his hand.


Akmal v/s Gambhir:

Gautam Gambhir can get extremely passionate while playing. During the 2010 Asia Cup semifinal, Gambhir was batting while Kamran Akmal was the keeper. Akmal appealed once when there was no need. Gambhir laughed it off but was clearly disappointed. During the drinks break, the two players went face to face with each other and almost had a rough spat. Umpire Billy Bowden and MS Dhoni interfered and fended them away.

Harbhajan answers in style:

This is the same match as above. The match was at a thrilling standpoint where both teams had an equal chance. Shoaib Akhtar bowled the 49th over and being the skilled bowler he is, got a few dot balls to Harbhajan. He, then, took a dig at Bhajji. A few words in typical Punjabi were exchanged. (As said by the commentator). The speedy Mohd. Aamir bowled the last over. Aamir got Raina out and it looked as if Pakistan won the match. To everyone’s surprise, Bhajji hit Aamir for a six and finished things off for India. With that heated shot, he took it out on Akhtar very fiercely. Akhtar, too, waved him off, asking him to go away.


Miandad does the unthinkable:

Indians do not have a very fond memory of this match, but Pakistanis will tell tales of it.

It happened in the AustralAsia Cup final where the two teams met for a thrilling game. Pakistan needed four off the last ball. Chetan Sharma, who was a very reliable bowler for this situation, was bowling. However, his skills were no match for the show that Miandad put. The disdainful batsman smashed the ball over the ropes and hit a six. History speaks for itself.


Other examples of glorious individual performances are Sachin Tendulkar’s illustrious 136 at the Chennai Test in 1999, where he even continued after back spasms; Kumble’s 10 wicket haul, where he became the second bowler in the world to take all 10 wickets, and Saeed Anwar’s 194 at Chepauk in 1997, which remained the highest individual score in ODIs for a long time.

There are many other such funny and trivial incidents. No matter what happens, true fans will always be excited for the game of blues versus the greens. A field where both can smash each other without breaking any UN agreements.

India and Pakistan will face each other on 4th June 2017 at a Champions Trophy fixture. Do not miss the action!

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