How can “She” prevail when her religion worships only “He” god.

Female as a concept in our society and our life have different roles to play. They can be selfless as mother, sacrificing as wife , innocent as child and dominant like queen regardless of their age. We have seen them vulnerable and oppressed to society restrictions, we have seen them accepting kitchen and giving them jobs away for children and husband’s ego in a “blink of eye” and we have also seen them impacting world politics and changing world geography with a “glimpse of thighs”.

Women’s sexuality is far stronger tool in compare to man’s intelligence.

Men and most of women have generally categorized between their sexuality and their emotional vulnerability.  I have personally seen women as powerful entity who can create repel through world politics by their sexuality.  Women can be anything, they can be pilot , president or doctor, that is not gender biased but their ability make man kneel with their sexuality makes them a superior entity.  I have personally hated women who are emotionally vulnerable, who chooses to accept certain role in family regardless of career choice or who give up dream and/or accept submission because family/husband society wants to.

Females can be Goddess Laxmi whose primary task would be to massage lord vishnu’s feet or they can be Goddess Durga and tear men’s limbs apart

I consider my self lucky to be raised in a family where women had such strong representation.  A memory of my own I would love to share although memory is bit shady. I was 8 or 9 year old and my father asked about role of woman in family and my answer was they belong in kitchen and it was slap by father and intense conversation to make me realize how naive my view was. Today I realize what he thought. He would laugh at mom’s slap and we both mutually envy multi characteristics , multi skills and multi task capabilities we both lame men can not achieve. Her sheer audacity to stand up against immorality , abilities to conquer and yet be emotional as mother upon needed have helped me my shape concepts about women. I pity such individuals who are raised with example of oppressed kitchen oriented mother.

I envy every women who posses power either by looks or sheer persona to make men feel incompetent and helpless.

I have hated to see weak and vulnerable women. It is easy to break a man. Women who do not realize men are more fragile and dumb are more dumb and justifies their vulnerability.  A man can not think straight while having erection but woman can fake it during the process shows how culprit woman can be without letting man realize his worthlessness. I have always fantasized woman with toe on man’s chest with ankle raised , smoking and making him feel incompetent with momentary sheer look.

We all have certain amount of female and male both and recognizing equality is with in our self is concept of  अर्ध-नारीश्वर to me.

I read a quote/meme regarding feminism that women were created to be unique and shouldn’t be forced to do what men do and their uniqueness shouldn’t be killed, (Really?). These people do not realize about masculinity aspect in female and feminist aspect in men.  If I am standing against Mary Kom or having stamina race with any female athlete, I may not survive a second and same might happen with any other female competing with superior male. My reason of comparison was as man tend to compare woman to be lower due to their manly strength. Feminism is not about women’s uniqueness or forcing them to do what men do to prove their worth, feminism is about women should be able to do whatever they want to do.