A Man and His Desires….

A Man and His Desires….


Are you a loser? No, I’m not.

Are you a winner? No, I’m yet to become one.

Are you in vain? No, it passes by time…

Are you delighted? No, yes, sometimes, I don’t know.

Are you having any goals? No, yes, perhaps for some moments.

Are you feeling wasted? No, yes depends on my day.

Are you opportunistic? No, I left it untouched.

Are you guilty? No, yes, I have wasted my entire excerpt.

Are you resilient? No, I don’t get committed to it for long.

Are you willing to be resilient? Yes, help me in becoming one.

Are you believing in yourself? No, the losses have broken me.

Are you willing to believe in yourself? Yes, who doesn’t want to?

Are you ready to lace up your shoes? No, perhaps I’m busy in wasting my time.

Are you feeling ready to lace up your shoes? Yes, I hate wasting my clock.

Why don’t you synchronise with your will? I’m standing but I’m broke by droppings.

Who tells you those were drops?


I didn’t achieve anything.

What is the thing that you don’t have? Hmmm…I don’t know.

What loss have you faced? None.

Then, what are you scared of? Hmmm… I don’t know, nothing.

Then why aren’t you fucking satisfied?


Rohit Devnani
Rohit Devnani

It doesn't matter if the power is good or bad, the only thing that matters is 'power' itself.