Reasons, Moments and Existence.

Reasons, Moments and Existence.

Reasons, Moments and Existence has been edited by Rushi Bhimani.

Life is a small word, isn’t it? A small word, that is the summation of our entire journey of memories, moments, vicissitudes, valuables,  sorrows and the journey of our soul.

During our journey, we tend to say and do things that leave an impact on our life. We always say, “You’ve got one life, live it.” Funnily though, I’ve observed, we fail to practice what we preach. We always say, sometimes you do not need to know the reasons. I ask you, why do we need to live without reasons and follow things which are nonexistent? We are asked to let go some of the things. Why let go? I’m assuming, that every person has faced these questions, at least once in their life. As a matter of fact, the real question is, that have we ever tried to find an answer to the questions that crop up in our heads every now and then? If no, then I must say we just led our life for the sake of the living.


Reasons mold our life. They substantiate our actions that affect our future. They act as a catalyst in transforming our dreams into reality. Our principles are solely affected and manipulated as per out wish and because of the purpose with which made them. Then how can we not find reasons for the thing that matter to us? How can we just let it go? How can one find the secrets of their life, if they do not take into consideration their purpose of living? Who will answer the questions which were born amidst the journey of life?  Reasons settle our questions revolving around our existence.

Have you ever fought any war without a reason? Probably no, we can never fight with something that is unreasonable. We never question those doubts that are left unanswered. Just like without questions, there are no answers, without reasons life is incomplete.


Our life is an amalgamation of various scattered moments. Each and every moment introduces us to varied depths of our soul. However, when people say some moments are supposed to be forgotten, it sounds like a proposal to carve out a piece of our life. I, as an individual hold utmost pride for the minutes that I had captured, and for the things I did in my life to build myself. Why be afraid of the flawed moments? Why hide them?

They are our lessons and the reality, they define who we are. Then waste our time burying moments that taught us how to truly live? Why can’t we be ourselves? Accept those moments of vulnerability, those moments that test you. Live every moment fully, no matter how good or bad it as they are the bits and pieces you get to hold on to. They make you who you are.


We are very often told, that you have one life, you should make it worthy.

According to our society, we can make our life worthy by being socially active and acceptable. How does that make our existence worthwhile? On what basis is that the parameter of being worthy? As an individual, the only way to make life worthwhile is to respect and cherish your soul and the human spirit.

When a person realizes their greatest power, and the potential to meet their moral purpose, they have made their existence worth living and looking back.

The life you live and the journey you lead is the symbol of your  presence in the world. Moreover, it is on us whether we live like a creator or a mere follower.

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Vyom Desai

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