Privy Poet’ Society: My Hero

Privy Poet’ Society: My Hero


by Achint Chhabra

I love how you hold me tight at night
When I am scared of the dark haunting me.
I love how you talk to me
in the morning at 3 am under the starry sky
Like wanting to know every nook and corner
of my mind.
I love how you look at me in
A room full of art like I am
The beauty of it.
I love how you make me feel
Like a diamond in a box full of silver.
I love how you curl me up
In your arms and tell me that it’s going to be fine,
No matter how bad it is, it’s going to be all right.
I love knowing that even when I
Think I have lost everything, and have nowhere to
Go that I still have you, I still have a place that
I can call home.
You are the song that keeps playing
Over and over in my head.
You are the poem that I write
At night when I am lonely.
You are the pathway to my soul.
the story to my book.
You are the one I would reach
Out to even in a crowd of million people.
You are the light that helps me see things clearly
when everything ahead is dark.
You are my sorrow, my pain
My laughter, my smile.
You are my hero, my imaginary hero.

Synopsis of My Hero

This poem is about how we all have an imaginary hero that loves us like nobody else ever has and makes us feel special and loves the parts that nobody could ever love.

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