Guest’s Entry: Don’t Apologise For Being Yourself

Guest’s Entry: Don’t Apologise For Being Yourself

Don’t Apologise For Being Yourself

By Ishan Khalsa

And we’re all but people, looking forward to the unknown with hopes, expectations and dreams.
For a new day, a new beginning, a new year, but why wait?

Why is it that we fear to accept the people we really are inside?

Why is it that the fear of getting hurt is greater than the happiness received from love?

Why is that when we’re cold we realise the warmth of closure?

We are all pure souls with fear embodied in our hearts, somewhere, but don’t worry we all have that.

What matters is how you choose to act upon it, whether you want to stand up and face it or sit back and see the world swirl through the chaos.

Because fate is the world’s biggest lie.
It is you who makes your own world.
It is you who gives the consent.
It is you who will face the consequences of your actions.
So don’t be afraid,
Don’t be afraid to show your emotions.
The only behaviour which is unnatural is pretending that we are unaffected by the world around us.
Don’t ever apologise for liking something.
Don’t apologise for being yourself.
Because it is that courage which makes this world less disappointing.

Listen, you deserve to love whatever and whoever you wish to love,
And you get to be vocal about your love.

You deserve to catch your dreams and make what you want of your life.

So give it all a try,
‘Cause if you never try you’ll never know, just what you’re worth.
You are meant to choose your own destiny,
To be the person you aspire to be.
Remember when you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

Then why wait?
Grasp this second, and strive to do better, to say what you wanted to, to accept your flaws, to let your emotions out, to let your heart take charge, to love yourself.

Stop finding yourself beneath bottomless pits of your addictions and obsessions.
There is no calamity inside your soul,
We are all a raging storm hidden behind our fears.

Don’t be bound by simplicities,
Be the galaxy, an array of mysteries,
You aren’t meant to be tied down by your fears.
Because you are so much more than what you pretend to be and it wouldn’t do justice to your raging soul to be sufficed by the fears you hold.

Don’t fear the unknown, what will come, will come.
Don’t bother about what others think of you. Let your loudness echo,
Let the ground tremble beneath your feet,
Let some people go,
And don’t be disappointed my dear,
Because maybe your loudness isn’t something everyone can handle.

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