Privy Poet’ Society: Statistics

Privy Poet’ Society: Statistics

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Ten percent,

Twenty percent,

The average dividend,

And the standard difference,

The research results,

On the BACE1 upregulation,

In the human brain,

While the Alzheimer’s patient,

Dies in vain,

The human mind,

Is being completely quantised,

Equations to predict,

Individual monetary intent,

Side by side, with graphs to prevent,

Choice suppressed by free will,

Doctors have targets to meet, still,

Bullied through the bell curve,

And a 500 percent profit margin,

Mental health = one in four,

But only fluoxitine draws positive cash flow,

Rockets and plummets my oxytocin,

With the exchange of stock and commodity,

Peak share value = peak of an ECG,

A leftist confidence interval is key,

Many died in the worst earthquake ever,

But, no matter, it was only a statistical error.


WARNING: Many errors, each within the margin of error, together create chaos. – paraphrased from ‘Chaos‘ by James Gleick

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Ranjini Sircar
Ranjini Sircar

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