Privy Poet’ Society: The Real Princess

Privy Poet’ Society: The Real Princess


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Belle said, ‘I want to leave here!

I want to go out and see the world and have more experiences

And more stories, than time to tell!’

But I don’t want that, #nofilter.


She said, ‘I want to see everything!

The sights that no one can see

The sounds, the flowers that no one can smell!’

But I don’t want that, #nofilter.


She said, ‘I want to walk the untrodden roads

I want experiences that are mine,

And my own secret friends’

But I don’t want that, #nofilter.


Cinderella just wanted to dance

Snow White just wanted to live

Rapunzel just wanted to go out

Belle wanted to leave

Pocahontas wanted to stay

Ariel wanted to speak

But me? I don’t want any of that, #nofilter.


I want a thigh gap because Cosmo says so

I want to travel for my Instagram

I want the perfect picture from the perfect angle

And the lighting that shows just how much I worked on my butt last week


My health is not important but

Low carb, fat free, gluten free could be

A story in itself, you see,

And one with pictures too, of berry shakes

And brunches with lighting, contour and waterfall braids!


I want friends for my ‘stories’

And I don’t want more stories than I can tell

I want just as many as I can tell

Because what’s the point of a story if you can’t tell it?

The only purpose of travel

Is to harbor jealousy or admiration

At how I’ve stepped into a world that you have no access to

Photography is for nerds and we don’t call this art

It is simply the conviction

That this is real.


Charity is the number of likes

And friends are those who provide them

If you’re anyone who thinks otherwise

Mind you, I will leave you behind, then.


No, I don’t want simple things

I want lighting and makeup and a perky butt

I want the illusion of a perfect life and I am spoiled for it.

I am the real princess, #nofilter.


Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

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Ranjini Sircar
Ranjini Sircar

Ranjini Sircar - Everything Sharmaji ka beta ever wanted to be. Hopefully, in a few years I’ll be successful enough for people to say ‘She must have slept her way into that position’.