Privy Poet’ Society: Time Passed By

Privy Poet’ Society: Time Passed By

Privy Poet’ Society is a section of Lutalica that is dedicated solely to poets and their love for poetry. 

Once upon a time, there
somewhere stood a tree
sun-parched, rain-lashed
next to a stream.

Wings fluttered overhead,
sky tormented it.
Prisoner’s window.
Isn’t a sinner’s escape?

Time passed by
as it always did.
Longer it appeared
looking up at the sky.

One fine day, there
it was dozing wearily.
The horizon’s depth
sent a whirlpool.

It’s mundane serenity
got shelved away
when a dove landed
softly on its twig.

Discreetly taking
note of the place,
she sighed safely
resting her whole.

Under its eyes,
she ruffled her
tired feathers while
keeping her guard.

‘Don’t you think
today’s weather nice?’,
blurted out the loner.
‘Huff…’, Beauty mumbled.

Out of blue, darkened
clouds jumped there.
‘Yes’, it prompted.
‘No’, she protested.

Downpour punctured
her running away.
Time paused
as it never did.

A few days later,
the world around did
notice new shoots
sprouting hidden.

Chatted and blabbered
muttered and mumbled
laughed and guffawed
shouted and cried

Time passed by
as it always did.
Shorter it appeared,
sharing their soul.

Somewhere deep inside
healing was both
from the bruises
unhealed by time.

Envied all the neighbour
with no magic in theirs,
they loved soaking
into theirs.

Again it showered, it
perhaps loved to rain.
It tempted it to
seal the magic.

Time had seen it
from time immemorial.
Its heart wrenched
seeing the obvious.

Her wide eyes soaked
in the long-awaited,
before her beak voiced
the terribly safe no.

Tearing herself away
from its trunk
she prepared for
her delayed flight.

‘Leave tomorrow, when
it stops raining’
‘If I stop, it would
never stop.’

She shied away from
looking into its eyes.
But she couldn’t stop
her leaning on it.

Cuddling together, they
prayed for time to freeze.
But time passed by
as it always did.

She sighed, it sighed.
She shivered, it shivered.
She held it, it held her.
She moaned, it moaned.

Onslaught was nature’s
as was the victim.
‘No’, She moved away while
her wide eyes betrayed.

Wind swashed the green
as they soaked the finale.
Something got taut, while
she prepared for bluster.

Forgetting its roots
stuck deep into Earth,
it wriggled to move.
She writhed to leave.

Holding it there in
her eyes, she gave
a wistfully shared sigh
and took the flight.

Time passed by
as it always did.
Only it had never
pained as it did.

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Parth Bhatt

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