Privy Poet’ Society: I Come From A Place, Shamefully

Privy Poet’ Society: I Come From A Place, Shamefully

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I come from a place,
where beauty is sold for 15 rupees on a trial offer.
where the only way he is going to pay for his inappropriate touch, is by marrying her.
where a woman cannot be just friends with a man, and of course, vice-versa.
where there exists a problem if you’re either too skinny or too fat or too bloody perfect.
where little boys are taught to suppress it all in, and men are constantly asked not to cry.

I come from a place,
where she can neither work nor stay at home in peace; neither can he, that’s the sad reality.
where we still have to see general strikes because it is a tad too onerous to pay equally.
where there are men left unmarried for not earning heftily,
where she is dying, booming that market for poison and sleeping pills, all because of the “illegal” dowry.

I come from a place,
where a menstruating girl is a sordid deal.
where because he refuses to stoop too low, he’ll be called a wuss or sissy.
where I will be scrutinised and judged for writing this piece of pretentious poetry.

There are tidbits of goodness too,
I’ll blow it out of proportion someday
when there is not so much to cry about
when the world isn’t a crazy seesaw toppling between binaries.

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Abha Mehra

Abha tries to survive days with fried food with cheese. You'll find her bossing around or in a corner trying to make sense of all the words that come not so naturally to her. Be it taking naps in the afternoon or a free pizza, she is ready for both all the time. If you like what she writes, feel free to gift her jhhumkas over peach iced tea.