Privy Poet’ Society: *Enter Cliche About The Moon*

Privy Poet’ Society: *Enter Cliche About The Moon*

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Look at the sky on a full moon night; look into its profound depth,

and see if you can find the end,

That’s the human soul right there, endless, boundless, limitless,

With a thousand stars of ideas and inspiration,

That can only be seen on a full moon night.

We always see the moon and not the stars,

And really, that’s just how we are,

For the moon only reflects the stars’ light,

And even then, doesn’t shine as bright.

We are born stars but try to be the moon,

Reflecting stolen light and eclipsed too soon,

Whereas the stars are here to stay,

Their light seen from light years away.

Be true to yourself, don’t reflect others’ light,

Because except for the fact that it isn’t morally right,

We do believe that you’ll lose sight,

Of all that is important in life.


Photo by Gabriel Santiago on Unsplash

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Ranjini Sircar

Ranjini Sircar - Everything Sharmaji ka beta ever wanted to be. Hopefully, in a few years I’ll be successful enough for people to say ‘She must have slept her way into that position’.