Privy Poet’ Society: Serenity

Privy Poet’ Society: Serenity

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One fine day, I’ll wake up next to the
warmth of his body and the scent of his
I’ll crawl out of the creased sheets
towards the sun, bare feet, bare body.

Put on his oversized shirt, dance to the
mirror and tie myself a bun.
Halfway through I smile, as I see his
serene face.

Tip-toed towards him.
Caressing his face.
And as I run my fingers through his
tangled hair, I place my lips on his
cheeks, like leaving an imprint of love
on his face.

Not wanting to wake.
Not wanting to wake, neither him nor

Synopsis for ‘Serenity’:

Waking up next to the warmth of someone you love is simply blissful. It finally feels like home. You start your day as any other but halfway through you look at them and see their calm, serene face. You’ve longed to scale their face and when you do, you leave the imprint of your love. You forget all the complexities just by looking at their raw self. You don’t want to wake up. Don’t want to wake up from this dream.

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Pratichi Sadavrati
Pratichi Sadavrati

Pratichi Sadavrati - Amateur poet. Sarcastic. Iron Man and Game of Thrones fanatic. Baller. Connects with nature and humans. Temerarious.