Privy Poet’ Society: Lutalica

Privy Poet’ Society: Lutalica

Privy Poet’ Society is a section of Lutalica that is dedicated solely to poets and their love for poetry.

Trying to fit in,
Trying to be, trying to be
What you are not.
What they want you to be.
But darling, you might lose yourself,
You might just lose a part of you
Because you were trying,
To fit in.

You are not what they say you are.
You will never be
Honey, you are boundless,
Boundless like a drop
In a boundless ocean.

The boundaries, the limits and the ordinaries,
Are not meant for you
Darling, you were meant
Meant to break them,
You were meant to stand out,
You were meant to be this way.

Don’t listen to what they say
For, was the owl ever sorry for seeing the stars?

And on your path to yourself,
You might feel lost.
But, listen to your screaming soul,
And you’ll know where your heart belongs.

Pratichi Sadavrati
Pratichi Sadavrati

Pratichi Sadavrati - Amateur poet. Sarcastic. Iron Man and Game of Thrones fanatic. Baller. Connects with nature and humans. Temerarious.