For the People of the Night

For the People of the Night

For the People of the Night has been edited by Rushi Bhimani.

“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.”

–Vincent Van Gogh

I could not agree more! Ah, the beautiful night.

Human beings have designed a life centered around the daytime. Perhaps out of habit. Probably out of the pressure of fitting in the society, we have accustomed ourselves to this routine. But there some of us, the nocturnal creatures, those people who cherish the better half of our monotonous days, who know the value of this beautiful darkness.

We, the people of the night!

What is so special about the nighttime? The silence, the solitude, and the serenity. It is like some sci-fi movie, where the entire world has become still, and you are the only one that is moving. The spotlight is on you. This is your moment. This time is when you can truly be yourself. You look around, and in these moments of tranquility, finally feel at one with yourself.

The day is when the body is active, but at night— that is when the mind truly awakens. It is the time of the hard workers, the passionate, the misfits and the lovers. It is the time when the writer’s imagination comes alive. The darkness provides the painter with a background to visualize his paintings. For the musician, it is special because it is at this time when his mind makes the tunes, playing the music of the soul! It is the time when we fall in love, when we are the most eager to express it. That fierce love that we tend to forget during the rush of the day! To all the writers, the musicians, the painters, the thinkers, the lovers, the poets and the geniuses—yes, I see you. I see you, with your lights still on, tripping on the drug of solitude.

I love 3 A.M because it has always been faithful to me, knows all my secrets. It is during this time, that I reflect upon my true desires. My goals during the day are—to get good grades, to advance my career—very worldly, mostly materialistic. But at night, I think about friendships, love and life; about things that truly matter.

In the dark, everything is more intense, more real. The things I said during the day, have a deeper meaning, a more profound effect at night.

Night owls have always been criticized. It has always been considered an act of rebellion. Living in the dark is for the damaged, isn’t it? “You are an insomniac, you need help.” Well, to them,  I ask: “Do I need help? If this time lets me reflect on my inner divinity, frees me from all the skepticism and all the misery, and gives me flashes of self-learning, do I really need help? No.”

I love Robin Williams. I love the Dead Poets Society.

But it is not Carpe Diem for me. It is Carpe Noctem. I seize the night, because that is when I can truly come alive.

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Rushi Joshi

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