Store Full of Stories: #3 3:50 Saurashtra Superfast

Store Full of Stories: #3 3:50 Saurashtra Superfast

3:50 Saurashtra Superfast Part III has been edited by Rushi Bhimani.

3:50 Saurashtra Superfast

Part III

A tea vendor was pouring some tea in a cup when a child came running out of nowhere, and they collided. The child fell. Tea spilled all over.  Isha’s kurti was stained. While the other passengers turned their attention to the crying child, he directed his anger towards the poor vendor.

“Can’t you see properly?”, he said angrily while he cursed the services of Saurashtra Superfast.

“But, Saheb…”

“It wasn’t his fault, he was busy pouring tea in a moving train. He couldn’t have seen the child coming.”, she said while trying to clean her kurti with a tissue paper.

“These parents can’t take care of their children! They need to keep a close eye on them, children can be very unpredictable! Always up to something troublesome.”

“Now now, if a child won’t be a mischievous, who will? ”

He didn’t say anything. She went to the wash-basin. “How could somebody be so calm about this? It won’t surprise me if she offered to pay the tea-vendor for his loss.”, he grumbled to himself.

With nothing else to do, he took his phone out and started looking through his texts. She came back after a few  minutes.  She tried to go back to conversation, but he looked busy, so she went back to reading her book.

“Oh hey, I didn’t notice you were back.”

“Yeah, you were sort of busy with your phone.”

“Ah that, actually I was writing a poem. Would you like to read it?”

“Do I have an option?”

She gave him an adorable smile and started reading his poem.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Sure, but what is it for itself?
A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Sure, but would you like to be one yourself?

It’s natural to desire for everyone’s attention
Sure, but wouldn’t you like to parade around unnoticed?
It’s natural to desire to be everyone’s sensation
Sure, but wouldn’t you like to lurk around as a shadow?

Complaining sets you free, soothes the desperation
Sure, but what if it takes away your divinity?
Complaining, it does calm that restless frustration
Sure, but what if you lose a part of yourself?

A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Sure, but what if forever is a myth after all.”

“It’s really good, especially considering that you wrote it within 15 minutes. Although some people might that you’re putting ‘beauty’ in a rather negative light.”

“And do you think that too?”

“I already told you I think it’s good.  Wait…don’t tell me that you actually wrote it for me.”, said she while looking into his eyes.

“Erm technically not for you, but inspired by you.”

“If that’s the case, please do clarify whether you’re complimenting or demeaning me?”

“Neither, just thought this is how you…I mean, a thing of beauty feels like.”

“So, is this the title of your poem? What is it like being a thing of beauty?”

“Yes exactly, how did you guess?”, he said astonished.

“I guess, I happen to know many things.”, said she mysteriously and started laughing.

“Tell me, why don’t you complain?”

“About what?”

“About anything.”

“Because I don’t like complaining?”

“But why? There is nothing wrong in complaining.”

“I think there is. If you complain about something, it takes away your positive energy, and one doesn’t feel good after that. It affects us in a certain way.”


“But not as strange as this—Saurashtra Superfast is running on time today. Looks like we’re about to reach my station. I’d better hurry up.”, said she while sitting back up. Leaving the book on the seat, she started pulling out her rucksack and placed it on the berth. She took out a comb and mirror from her bag and started brushing her hair.

He knew he would not able to stop himself from staring at her while she combed her hair, so he decided to stand near the door. According to him, girls looked their best when they struggled keeping their hair in place while combing.  Just when he thought it was getting good, the Indian Railways had ruined it for him. Whenever he had to reach on time, trains were consistently late. But not this time. He wanted some more time with her. How could he ask for her number? She hadn’t known him long enough. If only he hadn’t lost time because of her book, it could have been better. But what could he do now?

He felt the train slowing down. The train seemed to be mocking him. “What do you think trains are for—romance?”

He went back to the seat so that he could bid her adieu. She had tied her hair into a ponytail. She held her handbag and carried her rucksack on her back, and started moving towards the door.

“Hey Isha, wait! Your book”, he just noticed she had forgotten her book on the seat. When he picked up the book, a small piece of paper, with something scribbled on it, dropped down.

“Oh, you almost left somebody’s number behind.” He gave the book along with the note back to her.

“It’s for you, stupid.” she said, giving him the note.

“Oh” He couldn’t believe his ears. “Thanks. Ah, can I call you then?”

“No no no…just keep on staring at it.”

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